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Ask the Expert: Speaker Hub

Great speakers wanted

Ask the Expert events are live sessions hosted by the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

These are interactive sessions that connect small business owners with industry leaders on a range of topics. These sessions are designed to provide a deep dive into a specific business topic and to help business owners get answers to their specific questions.

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As we continue to expand our scope of topics, we're looking to expand our pool of speakers too! If you are interested in sharing your expertise, scroll down to learn more or click here.

"Fantastic breakdown and great information! Thank you so much for your expertise!"

Business Owner, Jeremy

Local Family Business

Two-hour events

These sessions will include 50 minutes for a presentation that you create, followed by 50 minutes of moderated Q&A.

one-hour events

These sessions will include 25 minutes for a presentation that you create, followed by 25 minutes of moderated Q&A.

panel discussions

Panels will be moderated with prepared topics, as well as live Q&A, and will not require a presentation.

All sessions are conducted remotely via video conference.

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