Together we can make a difference. 

Corporate Volunteer Program:
Small Business Hackathons 

We are asking corporate sponsors to provide
volunteer experts in any of the following areas: 

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Financial Projections

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Website Review/UX

Thanks to a generous grant from the Verizon Foundation, we will be expanding our Small Businesses Need Us program to provide hands-on, capacity-building assistance to thousands of small business owners across the country. We are doing this through our Small Business Hackathon format: a 2-hour online event during which each participating business owner is paired with a volunteer in a breakout room to work on a specific deliverable. 

Quick Sync

We need your business professionals to join us on the front lines to serve.

Corporate Volunteer Partners

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Getting Started

Step 1

Say “YES” to joining us as a corporate volunteer partner and let us know what resources your company will provide.

Complete an Adopt-A-Business enrollment form >>

You set the amount of time and level of service that is right for your company, organization or agency. 


Service contribution - 20 hours of corporate legal services


Expertise contribution - John from accounting volunteers 10 hours of financial modeling assistance and Patricia from marketing volunteers to create a social media calendar


Resource contribution - Free use of space to work for 12 months for four (4) entrepreneurs 

Step 2

Get team members involved!

While the commitment to support this movement is at the company level, your employees will use an online form to indicate the amount of time they will contribute individually. Whether they have two hours per month or two hours in total, their volunteer contribution will make a difference. We can even set up a customized page just for your team enrollment.

Step 3

Participating employees choose their projects.

Each volunteer chooses their project and event date, based on their individual skills and availability. Signing up takes 

Small businesses need our help to survive. 

Don't delay! Join the Adopt-A-Business program today.



Together we can make a difference.