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Ready to Be Part
Lend your expertise to make a difference. 

Your talents and expertise can help small businesses thrive

Are you looking for meaningful ways to give back?

You can make a difference in helping small business owners by partnering with us.


It’s no secret that small businesses are still taking a toll from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This toll is especially felt among small business owners in the Black and Latinx communities.


At IFEL we’re committed to help historically excluded communities succeed as small business owners. You too can join us in the fight to help these small businesses survive and thrive. 

The best part, we make it easy to participate and it only takes two hours of your time to make a life-changing difference

Small businesses are the backbone of local communities; together we can help pave the way for a thriving economy. “Small Businesses Need Us” initiative is helping small businesses survive in the wake of the pandemic's economic impacts. 

Our Volunteer Opportunities

Presentations and Panels

You have expertise that small business owners need. Provide an engaging presentation to entrepreneurs through one of our programs.

1-on-1 Sessions

Give entrepreneurs the opportunity to thrive. Meet with a small business owner to address a specific knowledge gap.

Nonprofit support

The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership regularly hosts events and programming that provide access to knowledge, networks, and capital. We're always looking for eager volunteers to help with events, program delivery, and more.

Benefits of Volunteering

Build Confidence.
Helping others provides a sense of accomplishment. It's experience you can add to your resume.
In a Meeting

Corporate Volunteer Partner Program

Companies have a unique opportunity to help these small businesses thrive while also cultivating a sense of purpose for yourself and your company. Will you join us?


Our corporate partner program enables your team to help small business owners thrive and pave the way for economic recovery. 


The good news is when you partner with us, your company wins too. 

Our corporate volunteers report that the employees who participate come back recharged with a sense of purpose and increased creativity in their own roles. 


It's easy to get involved. Our turnkey program includes everything you need so there is minimal preparation needed.

Ready to make a difference while cultivating purpose, engagement and happiness? 

We're All In This Together

Small Businesses

The small businesses we love need our help to survive. 

Don't delay! Join the fight to save our small businesses.

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Together we can make a difference.

Corporate Volunteer Partners

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Volunteer Advisory Committee

Rachel Theka

Brian McKinney

Mary Adelman

Justin Goldsberry

Makarand Deololkar

Rafaeli Yaofei Ma

Adebimpe Baderinwa-Olajide


Small Businesses Need Us is funded in part by a generous grant from the Verizon Foundation.

Go to Verizon to learn more >>

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