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Together we can help small businesses grow and thrive.

For Volunteers

Welcome, Justworkers!

Use your professional expertise to help
small businesses

IFEL and Justworks are partnering to support the small businesses who form the backbone of our economy, our cities, and our culture. This effort will especially serve founders and business owners in resource-scarce communities of color that have been disproportionately affected by historic barriers as well as modern challenges, while providing you the opportunity to give back and apply your volunteer hours to a good cause. 

We welcome you to this community of allies! 

Sign Up to Volunteer

 All work is done remotely through Zoom. 
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Flexibility to fit your schedule!

Sign up for the 2-hour Small Business Support Session by selecting the time that works for you.

It's easy to get involved and make a difference.

Complete the sign up form and select your onboarding date if you missed the Justworks sessions

Ensure you have attended the
20 minute onboarding session with an
IFEL Member

Select your area of expertise and availability for your Small Business Support Session

We need expertise in these areas:

Social Media
Business Planning
Pitch Decks
Competitive Analysis 
And more!

Take action as you support our small business community and stimulate our economy using your professional skills.

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We're All In This Together

The small businesses we love need our help. 

Don't delay - join us today. #AlliesAct

Not ready to sign up yet?

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The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL), founded in 2002, is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports economic development through entrepreneurship. We are experts in creating and implementing small business programming in support of larger economic development objectives. Our services and programs help ambitious “every day” entrepreneurs gain access to the knowledge, networks, and capital necessary to succeed in business.


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