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Benefits of lending your skills: Convenient online sessions. Coaching material provided. Meet amazing entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Quick onboarding.

Competitive Analysis

  • Online convenience

  • Coaching material provided

  • Technical assistance provided

  • Meet amazing entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds

  • Quick onboarding

  • Knowledge of the difference between categories of costs (e.g. COGS vs. Operating Expenses)

  • Intermediate spreadsheet knowledge 

  • Ability to adjust a linked/dynamic Excel workbook with dependencies in mind

  • Comfort with explaining key financial ratios, including gross margin and operating margin

  • Comfort with providing insight and correction regarding the assumptions made by business owners when not reasonable or attainable

  • How To Set Up Social Media Accounts

  • Social Media Planning Calendars and Schedulers

  • Hashtags

  • Design Tools

  • Composing Effective Posts

  • Brand and Marketing Guidelines

  • SEO

  • Website Navigation

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • CTAs and Messaging

  • Tools, Tricks, Design Best Practices

Financial Projections

Social Media Marketing

Website Review

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